Bean Counting PC-Side Screen Shots

The Bean Counting PC software provides everything you need to process the physical count information from the portable data terminals to create summarized reports for viewing and exporting, and optionally, creating a variance report.

The Main Menu of the PC Bean Counting program. The major features available include a simple Barcode Label Printer, the Area Tag Slip Generator, the Variance Report tools, and the Physical Count Import and Export Tools.


The Bean Counting Physical Inventory Count Report, Summarizing Tool, and Exporter. You can view your physical inventory count in a report or export it to an Excel, or CSV file. Advanced users will be able to enter custom filters on the data to analyse the scan information directly within Bean Counting.

The Variance Report generator can compare the physical count information from the portable scanners to the inventory counts that are provided from your POS software. This form, Configure Variance Report, is where you can choose which physical count information should be compared to which computer inventory amount.


If you wish to use the Bean Counting Variance Reports, you will need to enter the inventory values from your POS software. This is done in the Import POS Computer Inventory form.


A variance report. Most POS systems can process a physical count directly, but if yours can not, then the Bean Counting Variance Report will give you the information that you require for your inventory adjustments and inventory valuation.


The Quick Barcode Printer is a simple tool that allows you to print barcodes right from your computer. It is handy if you have inventory that has not been barcoded yet. It is also useful as a general purpose barcode printing tool.


Bean Counting Terminal-Side Screen Shots

The Bean Counting Portable Terminal Software works on the handheld barcode devices. Your scanning team will carry these around to scan do your physical inventory count.

The splash screen.


The Main Menu of the Bean Counting Portable Data Terminal program. The main choices from the Main Menu are:

  1. The Inventory Scanning program.
  2. The Data Uploading process.
  3. The Browse / Delete option which allows you to review what has already been scanned.
  4. The SKU info tool is a price/color/size/description lookup tool.
  5. Various settings, file management, and other items are in the Other menu.
  6. Some scanning tips.

Scanning inventory. This screen shows the Portable Data Terminal waiting for the user to scan a barcode. The user can also press the ESC key to move to the next line. Also visible on the screen are the last SKU scanned, the current Line number, the running count within the Line, the current Area Tag, and the running count within the Area.


Note: Portable data terminal screenshots are simulated. The text and image have been combined in a graphics editor for clarity.


To view the detailed Bean Counting Inventory System feature list, view the details page.

For a clearer idea of how the Bean Counting system works, we encourage you to browse the installation and training manual that we offer on our download page.