Bean Counting PC Application

Simple Cost-Effective Inventory Counts

Bean Counting is the most cost effective physical inventory counting system for small to medium sized retailers. The Bean Counting software and it's supporting documents and tools let you conduct regular in-house physical inventory counts of stores and warehouses with relative ease, excellent accuracy, and the lowest long term costs.


Bean Counting is cheaper, quicker, and more accurate than outsourced inventory counts.



It is a one time investment

Once you have purchased the hardware and our software there are few ongoing costs. Subsequent inventory counts will only costs you staff time - most of which you have to provide when doing outsourced counts anyways!

Your staff know your inventory

Since your staff know your inventory far better than any 3rd party inventory counting service there are fewer mistakes, and there is less confusion so you get more accurate results.

You have full control

By doing in-house inventory counts, you can choose the timing and staffing of your counts. You do not have to work-around the resources and schedules of outsourced providers.

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